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Green Gear Guide

By Jenny Willden When it comes to gear, green is the new black. Companies in the outdoor industry are following the trend and pushing to go green and help the planet by following sustainable practices and using recycled materials. Join…


Local Recycling Guide

By Bill Novak Utah has progressed in the past decade, when it comes to recycling. Gone are the days when everything is thrown in the trash. With curbside, residential recycling programs happening throughout the valley, Utahns have the opportunity to…


Snowboarding in Utah

An Adolescent Sport Grows up by Josh Scheuerman Snowboarding began with an uncertain birth, grew to an aggressive youth and matured to become a mainstream winter and Olympic sport. Although the first snowboard was not created in Utah, this state…


Recession Recreation: Cheap Summer Activities

In warm weather you can hike and bike in many places for free, but there are lots of other affordable activities you can do during this time of the year. Our favorites are river tubing, kayaking and bouldering and here…

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