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Kevin Jones is a health and fitness blogger and regular contributor to a number of fitness websites. He writes for NordicTrack. During his free time, he likes to be very active and spend time with his wife and two children shredding the slopes of Park City, Utah or chasing down the Salt Lake City Korean food trucks. Connect with him online; LinkedIn - Twitter

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Frozen Fun

3 Sports to Try This Winter (That Aren’t Skiing) By Kevin Jones While downhill skiing gets all the glory when those snowflakes start falling, there are great alternatives for those who want to get outside without the lift ticket costs.…

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5 Strength Exercises for Runners

Being a strong runner isn’t all about the miles you put in, strength matters too. And while many runners avoid strength training because they worry it will make them bulky and run slower, the reality is anything but. Strengthening exercises…

Health & Nutrition

Super-Fuel Foods For Cardio Training

5 Nutrient-Dense Foods for Cardio Training Carbohydrates are a controversial subject among nutrition experts. There are a fair number who are against them, claiming that a ketogenic diet is better for athletic performance. But the common wisdom that prevails is…

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Winter Marathon Cross-Training Guide

Winter Marathon Cross-Training Guide Winter is upon us and the days seem a lot shorter. It’s time to buckle down and stay motivated to train hard and eat well, but boy does it seem a whole lot easier to cozy…

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Lactate Threshold

What Is It and How Do You Leverage It for Endurance Running? If you take running seriously, you may already be familiar with your lactate threshold and how to utilize it to improve your performance. If not, we’re here to…