Author Amy David

Amy David is an outdoor sports athlete and content producer. She grew up in the mountains of Wyoming and spends the majority of her time guiding wilderness trips, producing outdoor-themed media, and seeking adrenaline rushes on skis. With a degree in the Psychology of Communication and minor in Outdoor Education and Leadership, her work fuses the outdoor and entertainment industries. Keep up with her adventures at @AmyJaneDavid.

Articles City skyline of Salt Lake City during pollution inversion

Protecting the Wasatch

Challenges & Tips for Finding a Sustainable Balance The mountains of Utah are known throughout the world for their abundant snowfall, breathtaking landscapes, and limitless opportunities for recreation. But the beauty of Utah is bringing new residents in droves, making…

Women of Winter Photo collage of Evelyn Lees

Evelyn Lees: Backcountry Avalanche Forecaster

The Godmother of the Wasatch Backcountry The first morning light reaches Big Cottonwood Canyon, and the rays beam onto the new snow crystals, creating a sparkling carpet of snow. Momentarily entranced by the beauty of the Wasatch winter wonderland, I…

Health & Nutrition Woman skiing on powder snow

Pursuit of Powder

Why Snow Makes Us Happy Snow just feels magical. Its beauty can leave you speechless, playing in it makes you feel like a kid again, and the fluffy white flakes can even have a positive effect on personal happiness. Snowy…