5 Reasons for Couples to Run a Marathon Together


Whether you’re relationship is blissful or encountering friction, training for and running a marathon with your partner can be a great way to bond, mend issues, and grow stronger together. Here are five great benefits of running a marathon as a couple.

1. You’re in it together

When you run and train for a marathon with your partner, there is no “I” in the process. You go through the same routine (or slightly different) and can empathize with the pain which may (will) be endured. Of course, this is the one exemption of “good” pain. The process of running a marathon is exhausting, but the training involved is even more so.  Your body will ache. Your head will hurt. It will be tough, particularly in the beginning, but think of it as a reflection of your relationship. The beginning is always the hardest part, but as you journey more together, it gradually becomes easier. At least, I hope that’s what’s happened–it will once you begin training and running marathons, that’s for sure. In essence, when you’re putting your body through such pain, you know you’re not alone. Plus, you have someone to eat chocolate ice cream with after long training sessions, and neither of you will feel guilty about it.

2. Understanding the struggles

Running and training for a marathon allows each partner in the relationship to understand one another. Both endure the same process of becoming fit enough to run the marathon, and there are no reasons to feel alienated after long, strenuous training sessions which may leave you exhausted…and unapologetically sweaty.

3. Anger outlet

If you’ve had a rough day…or just have a lot of extra energy pent up, long-distance running can be the perfect outlet for your stress, anger, or energy.  You may even find that anger dissipates and becomes obsolete when you train and run marathons. You may even find that you become a more positive person in general–with your partner by your side throughout the process. And you’re less likely to take out a bad mood on them too!

4. The marathon itself is worth it

Once you’ve gone through the grueling months of training and getting fit enough to run a marathon, it’s time to actually face the race. Depending on which marathon you’re running, you’ll have a lot of people running along with you, and an audience cheering you on too. This experience is something you will never forget, and when you run and finish with your partner you can say “we did it” together. Warning: you may get emotional. The amount of times I’ve seen people in tears once they reach the finish line is overwhelming. And when you do something you love with the love of your life, the experience is even more incredible, along with a crowd congratulating you in the process. Did I mention you’ll both get a medal for finishing?

5. Sharing traveling experiences

When you run marathons, it’s not just a one-off thing. It can be far more than that, and can even become a long-term tradition. When you run marathons, they aren’t necessarily situated in the same locale. You can race all over the country, and even around the world. So catch a flight to that location and get running! Take pictures and even write about the journey. You’ll look back at these moments for the rest of your life, and be glad you did it.

Marathon running can be an excellent way to take your relationship to a new level, and though it may be tough to convince your partner to start running at first, having a marathon racing experience together is an amazing way to bond while getting fit.


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