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Pedal Paradise

Moab Mountain Biking As soon as spring blooms in here in Utah, we are blessed (see: cursed) with some volatile weather (as if we don’t get enough of that over the winter). Rain and snow scatter our 70-degree days rendering…

Travel Photo of horseback riding

Hey Dude!

Getting Ranchy in the Colorado Rockies It’s a place where doors are left unlocked and strangers say ‘howdy’ as you walk by. Horses are the primary mode of transportation, and people gather for dinner at the sound of a bell.…


Mind the Gap

Adventures in the Grand Canyon I fancy myself a world traveler, but as they say, you never visit the giant, gaping hole in your own backyard. I have been to more than 40 countries and countless destinations in the States.…


9 Breathtaking High Uinta Hikes and Overnight Trips

I first discovered the Uinta National Forest in my early twenties. Since then, the area’s isolated wildness has resonated with a place deep within my soul. One of the few mountain ranges in America that runs east to west, the…


Alizarin Ascents

Red Rock Canyon Climbing By Melissa McGibbon Climbing towers the size of skyscrapers in the desert seems normal—climbing desert towers within catapulting distance of actual skyscrapers does not. It’s among the oddest of juxtapositions to see a bustling city with…

Travel Brian Head Resort

Chills, Thrills, New Mad Skills: 6 Utah Winter Escapes

Like a warm cup of cocoa or those falling-apart Uggs you just can’t toss, your usual winter routine—ski here, snowboard there—is familiar, comfortable and possibly a little bit boring. This season, shake up your schedule with a new destination or…

Travel Winter Park

Adventuring in Colorado’s Backcountry

Fall Travel Deals in Winter Park Towering peaks, vast forests and an explosion of fall colors, experience this and more on an affordable autumn getaway to Winter Park, Colorado. Located at 9,000 feet above sea level in the Fraser Valley,…


Fall Backpacking in Utah’s Mountains

The dog days of summer have drawn to a close, and Utah’s mountains are waiting for their first dose of snow. Now’s the perfect time to head to the hills for a backpacking getaway. You’ll miss out on crowds and…

Travel havasu falls hike

Backpacking in Havasu Falls

The Grand Canyon is an expansive, beautiful place with many wonders to explore, one of its best being the Havasupai Tribe’s land near the south rim. This area is home to the Native American Havasupai Tribe, the Grand Canyon’s only…

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