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The Lowdown on Resort Parks

The parks of the Wasatch are as varied as the peaks that surround them. Each resort offers freestyle terrain features of different skill levels to accommodate a wide range of riders.


Riding the Wasatch Resort Parks

Ski and Snowboard Tips for Wasatch Resort Parks By Sean Zimmerman-Wall When you mention Utah to most people, images of chest deep powder and sickeningly steep lines usually comes to mind. However, nestled in the Wasatch’s most popular resorts, is…

Snowsports photo courtesy of Jackson Hole Mountain Resort

Beyond The Boundaries

A Beginner’s Guide to Backcountry skiing & riding Since the early 1900s, when people began sliding around on skis for fun instead of transportation, people have come to Utah to find some of the best skiing on Earth. The steep…


Snowboarding in Utah

An Adolescent Sport Grows up by Josh Scheuerman Snowboarding began with an uncertain birth, grew to an aggressive youth and matured to become a mainstream winter and Olympic sport. Although the first snowboard was not created in Utah, this state…

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