Melissa Davidson is a writer and social media marketer based in Boise, Idaho. She has a B.A. in Journalism from the University of Montana and has worked for several newspapers throughout the West. When she's not hovering over a keyboard, Melissa can be found running and riding on trails throughout the Rocky Mountain West.2 Articles

Troy is a freelance writer, editor, and author who blogs by day and writes suspense thriller novels by night. He is an avid hiker, cyclist and skier who lives, loves, works, and writes in Boise, Idaho. His blog posts tend to be lighter than his novels because his dog helps him write those. His work can be found at and you can follow him on twitter.2 Articles

Julia Partain, a Salt Lake City native, is a freelance writer and editor for local and regional publications, including Snowbird's annual Bird Magazine and Salt Lake City's Downtown Alliance Magazine. When she isn’t writing about happenings in her hometown, you can find her hiking in the Cottonwood Canyons or trying to keep up with her two daughters and husband at a local ski resort.2 Articles

JT Lyons grew up riding the canyons of San Diego on his single speed Huffy. Some time in between falling in love with his Huffy and the 200+ triathlons he's competed in, JT created the San Diego Triathlon Classic.1 Articles

Mark Peterson is a fat biking enthusiast living and riding in Ogden, Utah.1 Articles

I'm an outdoor enthusiast of all kinds! When I'm not skiing, whitewater boating, backpacking, or riding motorcycles I write for my personal site where I cover all sorts of actions sports, their gear, and lifestyle.1 Articles

Tirsea McNeal is a retired writer and artist. She studied English at Weber State University and now lives in a remote home on the Washington Peninsula with her husband of 40 years and three dogs. She loves outdoor adventure and exploring Utah’s Uinta mountain wilderness, southern canyonlands, and deserts.1 Articles

Curt Davies is a marathon enthusiast and has built his own website located at It’s stacked with information and other goodies regarding marathon running and training for those over the age of 30.1 Articles

Allison is the founder and co-editor of the family travel blog Tips for Family Trips at She believes that travel makes families stronger, smarter, and happier, whether you are visiting exotic locales or exploring your own hometown. Allison's work has been featured on ABC's The Lookout, The Huffington Post, Parents Magazine, and on Studio 5 on KSL-TV. Allison has an MBA from the University of Utah. She is a married mom of two, ages 11 and 8, and lives near Salt Lake City.1 Articles

Conner Newbold is a freelance writer living in Provo, Utah. When he’s not writing, Conner’s running, cycling, or digging through small town thrift shops.1 Articles