Author Nick Como

Nick Como escaped the skyscrapers of NYC for the tall peaks of the Wasatch. Climber, skier, canyoneer, mountain biker, and lover of food. Just don’t think of offering him pizza with pineapple on it.

Travel Canyoneering Photo

Winter Canyoneering in Southern Utah

Early winter in Utah is a magical time, as the first few hundred of inches of fluffy snow begin to pile up on the slopes in the Wasatch and powder days become a top priority. Oft forgotten, however, are the…

Travel Photo of a mountain biker

Roadtripping to The West’s Best Shuttle Rides

Shuttle rides, where ones takes a vehicle to an upper, higher-elevation trailhead, in order to make the majority of a ride a coast downhill, at one time was the lowest form of mountain biking. Shunned by peers as lazy for…


Shoulder Season

Climbing in St. George Ahhh, the season’s first dusting of snow! Most ski bums along the Wasatch Front get giddy at the prospect of deep powder. Hold on partner; don’t break out the rock skis just yet. Climbing and flip…

Last Word Road Ninja

6 Smartphone Apps for Smart People Outdoors

Let’s face it: we live in a connected world. For a time, nothing irritated me more than people bringing cell phones along when recreating outdoors. I loathed the guy perpetually yapping on his cell phone about some big business deal…


Where the Pavement Ends

Rafting on the Main Salmon River: America’s River of No Return By Nick Como The Main Salmon River is the government name you might find on a map. However, a more often used and apt moniker heard in river-running circles…